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Gaisberger Couture - handmade with passion and love.

35 years ago Gaisberger Couture started with a small shop in the center of Salzburg, Austria. Always concentrating on the details of each creation and using a traditional Austrian fabric, loden.



Named after Renate and Bernhard Gaisberger, the company satisfies its customers with individual and unique creations of jackets, frock coats, blouses, blazers and trousers made out of velvet, always using the best and smoothest materials. Finding the biggest inspiration in the wonderful colors of our nature, Gaisberger Couture focuses on traditional tailoring skills.



Many years later... in 2013.



Mr. Gaisberger and his sister Margret reached everything they wanted, they are happy and pleased when looking back to their lifetime achivement and decided to get into theire well-deserved retirement. Not at least to give their work a new chance, a new oppurtunity for the next generation.

It did not last long, until someone knocked at their door and a lady full of enthusiasm, motivation and passion for Traditional Clothes Couture stood in front of their house.

From this point, the new path was clear:


Gaisberger Couture - handmade with passion and love.


The members of Gaisberger family retire from business after a long and successful time, so that a new generation of traditional costume couture can arise.

Gaisberger Couture – handmade with passion and love.


Andrea Plieschnegger

swings between the old world and the new, and combines traditional and modern elements in her exclusive lines. Courage, endless motivation and passion for traditional workmanship characterize Andrea Plieschnegger.



Only finest materials are chosen for her colorful shapes, all put together with mindfulness and following the requirements of the patterns. This guarantees a perfect fit and highest quality. As all work is done in the region of Austria, it’s possible to connect the stages of vision and manufacturing, which is a denomination to her cultural roots.

A 120 years old barn was converted into a beautiful design and development center, where new creations come to life each and every day. This transformational ambience invites us to honor our tradition and roots, while growing our wings at the same time.

It is this inspiring environment which encourages Andrea Plieschnegger and her team to initiate and create new lines of traditional costumes. As a customer you will be able to feel that spirit from the first moment on and you will be convinced immediately.

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