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Increasing lack of time, growing responsibility for our planet and in our consumption decisions: There are many reasons to act more consciously and far-sightedly. Almost unnoticed, our values ​​change as well. Luxury is redefined, away from the designer bag, to products that are durable and sustainable. Brands and superficial affiliations are replaced by craftsmanship, transparency and ecology. The consumption is decelerated. We buy local products, which not only saves on transport, but also builds an emotional bond with shops, brands and suppliers. There products are manufactured according to our very own wishes; Keyword: Customization.

New connoisseurs and connoisseurs have a keen sense for the special things in life: products that are not from brand affiliations, but from their care to their distinctive look, will now make the shopper an initiate in the processes behind the product. And the proud owner, who has a story to tell.


The boundaries between sustainability and luxury blur in a clean aesthetic with subtle play of form. The styles inherit the meticulous care of classic HaKa designs, which are now abstracted for men, women or unisex looks. Almost architecturally, over-cut shoulders and Cocoon forms. Voluminous hoods and sportswear elements in flowing goods bring softness into play. Unmistakable are the care and the design thought inherent in each individual part. Perfection is here the favorite element and customization the goal for unique parts that are worn until they get out of shape.

Order dates for upcoming collection

Fall/Winter 2019/20


22nd - 23rd January 2019



Brandboxx Salzburg GmbH , booth 403 , at Foyer - Groundfloor

Moosfeldstraße 1 / A-5101 Bergheim bei Salzburg




26th - 28th January 2019


In line with the CPD-Düsseldorf

Hilton Düsseldorf , Showroom Aristoteles No.3, Groundfloor

Georg-Glock-Strasse 20 / D-40474 Düsseldorf / T +43 (0)664 180 22 53




04th - 07th February 2019

11th - 14th February 2019


Orderdays at the Gaisberger Couture Design- und Developmentcenter:

Please register under: +43 (0)662 420 442

Lerchenfeldgasse 17 / A-9130 Poggersdorf / T +43 (0)662 420 442




01st - 03rd March 2019


in line with the TRACHT & COUNTRY

Reed Messezentrum hall 3, booth 618

Am Messezentrum 6 | A 5021 Salzburg

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