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Order dates for upcoming collection

Spring/Summer 2018


18th - 19th July 2017



Brandboxx Salzburg GmbH , booth 403 , at Foyer - Groundfloor

Moosfeldstraße 1 / A-5101 Bergheim bei Salzburg




22th - 24th July 2017


Hilton Düsseldorf, Room Aristoteles 3, 1st floor

Georg-Glock-Strasse 20 / D-40474 Düsseldorf

T +43 (0) 664/180 22 53




21st - 30th August 2017


Orderdays at the Gaisberger Couture Design- und Developmentcenter:

Please register under: +43 662 420 442

Lerchenfeldgasse 17 / A-9130 Poggersdorf / T +43 662 420 442




1st - 3rd September 2017


in line with the TRACHT & COUNTRY

Reed Messezentrum hall 3, booth 618

Am Messezentrum 6 | A 5021 Salzburg




​It will be an eventful Summer 2018. Changes in the silhouettes, materials, as well as the entire market, cast there shadows ahead. Transformations - seriously major changes. The basis of innovativ thinking and new viewpoints: Opposing approaches interpenetrate each other and break familiar themes up in surprising ways.

The principal of classic seasonal thinking is put to the test. How do high-tech developments get to the country side? Since when have machines have been sensitive? Unusal correlations allow the surprising interplay of well-known forces, for example, when rusticity and technology meet in one season.

Consumers are facing a time when they can have their personalised sneakers custome-made in a factory in their close proximity, mostly powered by robots. This can take place in urban as well as in rural environments. Small manufacturers, on the other hand are no longer dependent on local customers when large online retailers set up tailer-made platforms for them. Tradition is also given a new appreciation of innovation and vice versa.

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